Keep Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Cockroaches away with our ecological anti-pest electromagnetic devices

Without ultrasound, without any trap, without chemicals, without adverse effects on pets.
Domestic cockroach rat killer device for apartments and detached houses


Ideal for Apartments and Detached Houses

Anti-rat anti-cockroach device Pro for Professionals, Shops and large individual homes


Designed for small businesses and large homes

Commercial anti-rat anti-cockroach device for industry, hospitals and large surfaces


Intended for Industries, Hospitals and Large Surfaces

The World's Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Rats, Mice, Cockroaches and Cockroaches.
seb boubou
seb boubou
Je ne le fais pas souvent, mais je pense qu il est nécessaire de faire profiter l ensemble des personnes embêté par des souris ou des rongeurs. J ai acheté l appareil a 99€ pour une maison d une superficie de 120m2. J étais très sceptique mais un ami m'a dit en être satisfait. Plutôt que d entendre non stop chaque jour et surtout chaque nuit les rongeurs grignoter dans les murs sans pouvoir rien faire, j ai investi dans l appareil. Et bien je peux certifier qu en une semaine j entendais encore légèrement les rongeurs et qu en deux semaines j étais tranquille. Depuis maintenant un mois, plus de problème. J espère que cet avis vous permettra d y voir plus clair sur l achat de ce produit. Si besoin d info, le numéro de portable indiqué sur le site répond sans problème et est très aimable. Je suis disponible à vous renseigner en cas de besoin. C est sincèrement magique !!
philippe godin
philippe godin
tout a fait satisfait le nuisible est parti en deux jours, et nous a redonne sérénité et sommeil, nous avions ete deja echaude par une invasion de souris au dessus de notre chambre pendant des mois apres avoir essaye multiples poisons pieges et ultrasons , cet appareil pest free a tous les avantages silencieux efficace et pas de cadavre avec les nuisances qui l'accompagne je le recommande vivement
Julien PAUL
Julien PAUL
Site clair et appareil efficace!
Colette Moret
Colette Moret
J'avais des souris dans ma maison debut de nombreuses années. Impossible de m'en débarrasser. J'ai tout essayé. Pièges, poisons, ultrasons, rien n'y fit. Une amie m'a conseillée le système Pest Free. Au bout d'un mois et demi, je n'en avait plus une seule. Des années de guère avec ces petites bêtes (inoffensives) mais dévastatrices, résolues. Que du bonheur. Seul bémol, ne se vend que sur internet. Merci Pest Free.
eco-friendly pest control device


Ecological, your device is 100% recyclable. This process does not use any poisons, pesticides or other toxic products that are harmful to the environment.
nuisance-free operation of the anti-pest device

Without nuisance

No Ultrasound and friendly to humans but also pets, your four-legged animals do not experience any side effects

Easy to use

The main difficulty you will encounter using your device will be plugging it into a power outlet.
Plug in and forget about it!
effective pest control device


The tests carried out and the standards obtained at the international level attest to the effectiveness of the Plugin Pest Free which is the only CPL * removal system

Pest Control, Cockroach Control, Rodent Control, Deratization and Pest Control

The solution, ecological and without nuisance, to keep rats away, stop mouse invasions and allow effective control of cockroaches and cockroaches.

Drive out pests from home and professional areas.

With Plug In Pest Free®,you can say goodbye to all your problems with rats, mice, cockroaches and cockroaches without calling on a pest control company!In a few months, your invasion problems are forgotten.

Our anti-rodent, anti-rat, anti-cockroach and anti-cockroach solution is effective both in homes and in businesses or inbusiness premises.

Each space has its own solution.We offer you devices with different capacities, adapted to all surfaces..

This innovative repellent is environmentally friendly. Thanks to him, it is no longer necessary to use pesticides or other poisons. No more risk of bad odors due to a dead rat. Just give it time!
Once plugged in, it confuses pests, forcing them to flee the area.

Most !this electromagnetic repellent has no adverse effects on your pets, does not disturb the proper functioning of your electrical appliances and it respects your health, that of your loved ones and above all the environment.

keep rats and cockroaches away from your house or apartment
anti-rat and anti-cockroaches for bakeries

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and get rid ofRats, Mice, Cockroaches and Cockroaches

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How to keep rats, mice and cockroaches away
pest control device guaranteed for 2 years
Commercial anti-rat anti-cockroach device for industry, hospitals and large surfaces

Plug In Pest Free Business Unit

Up to 1000m2

Spécifiquement pour les très grandes surfaces, ce modèle conviendra parfaitement aux entreprises, aux Grands Hôtels, aux supermarchés, aux écoles, aux cantines, aux boulangeries industrielles ou aux hôpitaux.

Contact us for a personalized quote.

anti-pest device satisfied or refunded within 60 days


I have just acquired Pest free, a rat had settled between the ceiling and the floor of the first floor, after two nights it disappeared.

No nuisance, no noise, my cat was in no way inconvenienced, great device to recommend to all those who are bothered by pests

Michael Béjar

Hello, it is a very effective product, house in the countryside (150m2) and almost in the first days no more traffic in the partitions.

I think the critters have left the scene. Thank you and I really recommend this product.


Don't want to kill anyone or anything. This system allowed me to keep “harmful” away without eliminating them.

A clean, efficient and super green system for a total price lower than many other solutions. Congratulations and good luck with your system!

stop rats, mice, cockroaches and cockroaches

The most effective anti-rodent and anti-insect device in the world to scare away pests!

What should I know about Plug In Pest Free Rodent and Insect Repellent?

Plug in Pest Free produces short electromotive “bursts” at 50 Hertzand powers the EMF wiring. This is very disturbing for pests. They then leave the place in search of a more suitable environment to live (in a more or less short time)
This system is very simple, perfectly harmless to humans and pets.and does not affect electrical and electromagnetic equipment.

This innovative repellent is a concentrate of technology making it possible to hunt rodents and effectively control the presence of Cockroaches and cockroaches in a building, without having to kill them or use pesticides.

To see its effectiveness, simply plug it into an outlet.In a few weeks, you are completely rid of pests.

Our Plug In Pest Free repellent accompanies you in your daily life, at home or in business.

Thanks to it, you can say goodbye to rats, mice, cockroaches and cockroaches!

installation diagram of the anti-pest device in the house



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