Keep Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Cockroaches away with our ecological anti-pest electro-magnetic devices

Without ultrasound, without any Traps, without Chemicals, without adverse effects on pets.
Domestic anti-rat anti-cockroach device for apartments and individual houses


Ideal for Apartments and Individual Houses

Pro anti-rat anti-cockroach device for Professionals, Businesses and large individual homes


Designed for small businesses and large homes

Commercial anti-rat anti-cockroach device for industry, hospitals and large areas


Intended for Industries, Hospitals and Large Surfaces

The Most Effective Way in the World to Get Rid of Rats, Mice, Cockroaches and Cockroaches.
seb boubou
seb boubou
I don't do it often, but I think it is necessary to benefit all people bothered by mice or rodents. I bought the device for €99 for a house with an area of ​​120m2. I was very skeptical but a friend told me he was satisfied with it. Rather than hearing non-stop every day and especially every night rodents nibbling on the walls without being able to do anything, I invested in the device. Well I can certify that in one week I could still hear the rodents slightly and that in two weeks I was quiet. For a month now, no more problems. I hope that this review will allow you to see more clearly about the purchase of this product. If you need information, the mobile number indicated on the site responds without problem and is very friendly. I am available to provide you with information if necessary. It’s truly magical!!
philippe godin
philippe godin
completely satisfied the pest left in two days, and gave us back serenity and sleep, we had already been burned by an invasion of mice above our room for months after having tried multiple poison traps and ultrasounds, this device pest free has all the advantages, quiet, efficient and no dead bodies with the nuisance that accompanies it, I highly recommend it
Julien PAUL
Julien PAUL
Clear site and efficient device!
Colette Moret
Colette Moret
I had mice in my house for many years. Impossible to get rid of it. I have tried everything. Traps, poisons, ultrasounds, nothing helped. A friend recommended the Pest Free system to me. After a month and a half, I didn't have a single one left. Few years with these little (harmless) but devastating, resolute beasts. Only happiness. The only downside is that it is only sold online. Thanks Pest Free.
ecological pest control device


Ecological, your device is 100% recyclable. This process does not use any poisons, pesticides or other toxic products harmful to the environment.
nuisance-free operation of the pest control device

Without nuisance

No Ultrasound and respectful of humans but also of pets, your four-legged animals will not suffer any side effects
anti-pest device-simple use

Easy to use

The main difficulty you will encounter using your device will be plugging it into a power outlet.
Plug in and forget about it!
effective pest control device


The tests carried out and the standards obtained at the international level attest to the effectiveness of the Pest Free Plugin which is the only CPL* removal system

Anti-Pest, Anti-Cockroach, Anti-Rodent, Pest Control and Disinsection Device

The ecological and nuisance-free solution to keep rats away, stop mouse invasions and enable effective control of cockroaches and cockroaches.

Drive pests out of the home and professional spaces.

With Plug In Pest Free®,you can say goodbye to all your rat, mouse, cockroach and cockroach problems without calling on rodent control companies!In a few months, your invasion problems are forgotten.

Our anti-rodent, anti-rat, anti-cockroach and anti-cockroach solution is effective in homes as well as in businesses or inbusiness premises.

Each space has its own solution.We therefore offer you devices with different capacities, suitable for all surfaces..

This innovative repellent is environmentally friendly. Thanks to it, it is no longer necessary to use pesticides or other poisons. No more risk of bad odors due to a dead rat. Just give it time!
Once connected, it disorients pests, forcing them to flee the area.

Most !This electromagnetic repellent has no adverse effects on your pets, does not disrupt the proper functioning of your electrical appliances and it respects your health, that of your loved ones and especially the environment.

keep rats and cockroaches away from your house or apartment
anti-rat and anti-cockroaches for bakeries

Order our pest control devices now!

and get rid ofRats, Mice, Cockroaches and Cockroaches
  • Plug In Pest Free Domestic Pest Control Device

    99.00 TTC
  • Plug In Pest Free PRO Anti-Pest Device

    299.00 TTC
  • Plug In Pest Free Pest Control Device Commercial Unit

    The initial price was: €1299.00.The current price is: €1104.15. TTC

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How to keep rats, mice and cockroaches away
Pest control device guaranteed for 2 years
Commercial anti-rat anti-cockroach device for industry, hospitals and large areas

Plug In Pest Free Commercial Unit

Up to 1000m2

Spécifiquement pour les très grandes surfaces, ce modèle conviendra parfaitement aux entreprises, aux Grands Hôtels, aux supermarchés, aux écoles, aux cantines, aux boulangeries industrielles ou aux hôpitaux.

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pest control device satisfied or refunded within 60 days


I have just purchased Pest free, a rat had settled between the ceiling and floor of the first floor, after two nights it disappeared.

No nuisance, no noise, my cat was not inconvenienced in any way, great device to recommend to all those who are bothered by pests

Michael Béjar

Hello, it is a very effective product, house in the countryside (150m2) and almost from the first days no more passage in the partitions.

I think the critters have left the place. Thank you and I really recommend this product.


Don't want to kill anyone or anything. This system allowed me to keep “pests” away without eliminating them.

A clean, efficient and super eco-friendly system for a lower total price than many other solutions. Bravo and good luck to your system!

stop rats, mice, cockroaches and cockroaches

The most effective rodent and insect repellent device in the world to scare away pests!

What do you need to know about the Plug In Pest Free rodent and insect repellent?

Plug in Pest Free produces short electromotive “bursts” at 50 Hertzand powers the electromagnetic field wiring. Which is very disturbing for pests. They then leave the area in search of a more suitable environment to live in (in a more or less short period of time)
This system is very simple, perfectly harmless for humans and domestic animals.and does not affect electrical and electromagnetic equipment.

This innovative repellent is a concentrate of technology making it possible to chase away rodents and effectively control the presence of cockroaches and cockroaches in a building, without having to kill them or use pesticides.

To see its effectiveness, simply plug it into an outlet.In a few weeks, you are completely rid of pests.

Our Plug In Pest Free repellent accompanies you in your daily life, at home or in business.

Thanks to it, you can say goodbye to rats, mice, cockroaches and cockroaches!

installation diagram of the anti-pest device in the house



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