Get Rid of Rats, Mice, Cockroaches and Cockroaches in Your Business

Get Rid of Rats, Mice, Cockroaches and Cockroaches in Your Business

The only patented electromagnetic systemto permanently remove pests from your business premises (Hotels, Restaurants, Bakeries, Hospitals, Shops and Industry). The end of rodents and cockroaches!
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A solution against Rats and Cockroaches for each Professional Space

There's bound to be a PlugIn Pest Free pest repelling solution to suit your needs.

The only electromagnetic and ecological pest control system.

The rats, mice and other cockroaches that nest in the walls and floors live in perfect harmony with the electromagnetic frequencies already contained in the structure of the building (ie the power supply).
Plugin Pest Free simply plugs into a power outlet and changes, during its operation, the context of these electromagnetic fields.

It does not use waves, ultrasounds or chemicals.
It is a unique system, invented more than 20 years ago in Australia. It has already proven itself in many countries. Scientifically tested and approved by the Australian National University, it is considered the most effective device against rats and mice.

Plugin Pest Free is thenew anti-pest system perfectly adapted to all premises, and on all surfaces.

Pro anti-rat anti-cockroach device for Professionals, Businesses and large individual homes

Pest Control Device - Pro unit up to 350 square meters

Designed especially for small and medium-sized surfaces, this model is ideal for premises such as restaurants, small hotels, offices, etc. It can also be an excellent complement to an already established commercial unit.
Commercial anti-rat anti-cockroach device for industry, hospitals and large areas

Pest Control Device - Commercial unit up to 1000 square meters

Specifically for very large areas, this model is ideal for companies, large hotels, supermarkets, canteens, industrial bakeries or hospitals. Contact us for a personalized quote.

A tested and approved rat, mouse and cockroach repellent system

Plug in Pest free has been certified for over 10 years by theInternational HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System), une garantie supplémentaire qui prouve le sérieux de ce dispositif.

It is also certified by the British Standards Institute and bears the CE mark, indicating that it is safe to sell and use throughout Europe.

HACCP certified pest control device

The ultimate eco-friendly and economical rat repellent and cockroach control system

la réglementation vous impose des contraintes :
  • The circular of August 9, 1978, article 125 1 and 130.5 which imposes protection against the presence of pests for individuals and professionals,
  • Article 17 of the ministerial decree of May 9, 1995, specially intended for suppliers of food products, which states that a rat extermination plan must be adopted.

Plugin Pest Free responds perfectly to the legal constraints but also and above all to the economic constraints that this imposes on each company.

Our electromagnetic pest repellent deviceis the perfect answerfor every professional.

anti-rat et anti-cafards pour les boulangeries

Advantage #1

A single initial investment, the system has a lifespan of more than 10 years

Advantage No. 2

No more constraints, the costs of rat extermination, no long-term contract, no invoicing at each mandatory passage

Advantage No. 3

You have the assurance of tangible and lasting results over time. Just leave the device plugged in.



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Is it lastingly effective?

Les tests effectués et les normes obtenues par Plugin Pest Free sont la meilleure preuve de l’efficacité du système.

With ultrasonic systems, pests usually avoid the path of the short waves emitted by its devices, quickly rendering them inoperative. While plug in pest free prevents pests from living, resting and breeding.

So they don't come other system in the world is capable of such efficiency.