Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

Feedback from satisfied users of our Plugin Pest free anti-pest plugs.


I am completely satisfied, I am no longer bothered by mice running around in the double partitions of my house; it is 260 m2 of inhabited area in the countryside and adjoining a farm.

I installed two Pest Free boxes since April and after 1 or 2 months no more rattling mouse noise in the double partitions.

During this period, the angry cat before the boxes were installed because he heard but did not see the mice, he was able to catch several of them and now nothing: no more noise and no more mice.

Only one thing to say THANK YOU PEST FREE.

Best regard.

Mr Godin

I have just acquired pest free, a rat had settled between the ceiling and the floor of the first floor, after two nights it disappeared.

No nuisance, no noise, my cat was in no way inconvenienced, it's a great device to recommend to all those who are bothered by pests

Mr Hiss

A great system, very effective and that lasts over time!

I set up this system a little over a year ago in our house under renovation, which was an old Alsatian house where mice reigned supreme. Even after the work I found droppings everywhere, even on my work surface.

Having small children and pets inside I refused to put poison or anything. A friend then advised me this system of which she was convinced herself.

It took 3 weeks and … nothing. It's not at all restrictive, just plug it into the socket and we don't worry about it anymore! I highly recommend it !!!!

Mr Verbecke

In our Alsatian-style house, we had weasels that
took refuge in the ceilings. At night in particular, we
heard running, which prevented us from spending nights

I contacted Pest Free and discussed it with Mr. Bickel, the
manager. He could not certify that the system would be effective
against weasels, because there are no scientific tests for
assume that Pest Free is effective against weasels. Having it all
tried to date, and the fact that my house is over 450m2 on
3 floors, I bought a PRO device.

The device has been plugged in for more than 2 months and I can
certify that I have no more worries and our nights have become again

What happiness. Thanks to Pest Free.

Michel BEJAR

Hello, it's a very effective product, house in the country (150m2) and almost in the first days no more passing through the partitions and I think the critters have left the place. Thank you and I really recommend this product.


Owner of a farmhouse used as a second home, I discovered one fine day that I was not the only occupant (mice, cockroaches).

After having tried all the products offered in the shops which did not work in the end, I was able, thanks to Google, to discover the Pest Free site.

So I was able to contact Mr. Bickel and explain my problem to him. We talked for a long time: he took the time to listen to me carefully to understand the causes of my problem and then offered the right product to solve my problem.

And miraculously, shortly after plugging it in, I was done with mice and cockroaches. Thanks again mr. Bickel for your valuable advice.

Evelyne KOENIG

I recommend this very efficient system that you plug into an electrical outlet, super easy!

Having bought an old house, my son complained about the pests that "shared" his home

Despite the traps he had placed all over the cellar… they were resisting!

So I offered him Mr. BICKEL's system which he installed on the ground floor.

Since then, no more small rodents in the house… life is good!!!
And I have the recognition of my son, priceless…?

Mr Vanetti

Nous habitons un ancien corps de ferme totalement rénové. Installation électrique en tri-phasé en raison de la pompe à chaleur eau-eau. La structure de l’habitat est en ossature bois.

En pleine campagne…un rêve pour les rongeurs….en hiver des nuits entières à ne pas dormir mais à écouter les grignotements de ces petits pestiférés !

Nous avons essayé plein de méthodes : poivre, poisons, graines empoisonnées, ultra-sons, 2 chats ….rien n’y a fait.

Sceptiques nous avons mis en place un appareil Pest Free pro en raison de l’installation tri-phasée. Je n’y croyait pas, je me suis dis encore un appareil “miracle” mais bon tentons le coup…

JE VOUS LE CERTIFIE : au bout de 5 jours PLUS RIEN !!!! Fini les rongeurs !!!

Nos nuits sont à nouveau calmes ! Bravo à Pest Free !

Jean Rene Krauss

Bonjour, au bout de 3 semaine plus de souris dans mes combles et greniers, pour l’instant. Esperons que cela dure,  de bonnes nuits tranquilles. Je recommande ce produit au top !

Mr Schneider

Nous avons installé le système pro dans notre entrepôt car nous ne voulions pas utiliser de poison à cause de nos animaux domestiques et car des animaux morts dans les cloisons du bâtiment auraient eu une odeur abominable.

Nous avions des problèmes de rats dans notre bâtiment et l’installation du système s’est avéré efficace au bout d’une quinzaine de jours, nous étions vraiment sceptique mais le système Pest free fonctionne vraiment bien.

Nous avions déjà fait venir un dératiseur mais au bout de 2 ans le problème est revenu…


Je n’avais pas envie de tuer qui ou quoi que ce soit. Ce système m’a permis d’éloigner des « nuisibles » sans les tuer.

Un système propre, efficace et très écolo pour un prix au total inférieur à beaucoup d’autres solutions. Bravo et bonne route à votre système !

Mr Moiaux

A great system, very effective and that lasts over time!

I am a caterer and my premises are on the ground floor of an old barn that we have completely renovated, however we were visited from time to time by little mice.

We contacted this company, which a friend recommended to me (she herself was delighted with the product), but the findings after a few weeks were less conclusive... Still droppings!!!

We called the company and Mr. Bickel quickly came to see. After discussion with him to understand why, and having neglected to tell him at our first meeting, our electrical system is three-phase.
The domestic appliance does not operate on three phases. Mr Bickel offered us a trial before purchasing his pro system.

In a few days no more droppings and no more visits!!!
System adopted!

Mr Durazzi

Après plusieurs années à me battre contre des rongeurs ici et là, je fais l’acquisition de ce produit et depuis plus rien, très bon produit à recommander !

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