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Answers to the main questions asked about our pest control solution

The differences between ultrasound equipment and Plug In Pest Free units are significant and cannot be compared. In the fight against pests such as mice, rats, cockroaches, there are several devices on the market.
  • Characteristics of ultrasound equipment. An ultrasonic device only has an effect on insects or pests if they are in direct line with the ultrasound. Ultrasonic devices do not penetrate behind walls, ceilings and cavities where pests build their nests and habitats. Ultrasonics To obtain effective control with ultrasonic solutions on insects and rodents using ultrasonic devices, it is necessary to install a unit in each room of your home (including stairwell, bathroom , toilets and attic). 1 unit should also be placed above ceilings. And even with all that setup, it needs the pests to be in direct line with the ultrasound for it to work effectively.
  • Characteristics of Plug In Pest Free equipment. Plug In Pest Free units provide you with a pest-free environment in your home or business because they work anywhere and affect pests right at the heart of their hiding places (in cavities in walls and ceilings, floors, attics etc.) Ultrasonic devices only stop pests that are in the direct line and not in ceilings and wall cavities and simply allow them to continue to spread in places you cannot reach.
The Plug In Pest Free plug can work for approximately 15 years. In the event of a problem, you benefit from a 2-year warranty (parts and labor).
The Plug In Pest Free outlet stops working when it is without a power source. The only solution is to wait for the power to return. When this is done, remember to check that the repellent is working properly. Normally, the socket operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Yes, it is possible. However, the process can take time. The repellent of rodents, cockroaches and cockroaches stresses the animals. This leads to disorientation, flight or dehydration, and ultimately death. You can speed up the pest eradication process by using sticky pads.
No, repellent sockets consume little electricity. Per month, they only cost you a few cents. In return, the catch avoids you having to call on rat extermination companies. These use toxic chemical treatments that are not very ecological.
Unfortunately, she can't avoid it. Plug In Pest Free only keeps rodents and rats from staying on your premises. It prevents vermin from living, resting and breeding in your business. There is not yet a solution to prevent pests from entering a place. For the moment, you can act on the level of maintenance. Crumbs and dirt gone, animals have less reason to enter.
This solution against rodents, cockroaches, cockroaches, rats and mice requires no mechanical maintenance. No part should be changed during its lifetime. Only a wipe with a damp cloth is necessary to clean it. This maintenance step should be carried out once a week, after unplugging the appliance. Once this step has been completed, you can reconnect your Plug In Pest Free socket so that its repellent properties are active again.
Plug In Pest Free sockets against rodents, cockroaches, cockroaches, rats and mice act on the electromagnetic field of a building or a house. They are equipped with a switching coil, located between the active and neutral power supply cables. It is this coil that decides when the rodent repellent discharges take place. The plug broadcasts short bursts of electro driving force at 50Hz. In parallel, the fluxes below the wiring change the existing electromagnetic field of the habitat. Alternately, the socket is energized and de-energized.
There are several factors for the reintroduction of pests. This can be caused by:
  • a bad household,
  • a change in temperature (succession of hot days or rainy days),
  • a strong presence of boxes and packaging that are parked for several days,
  • a power cable not conducive to the proper functioning of the Plug In Pest Free,
  • a long period during which the Plug In Pest Free is unplugged,
  • a new hatching of cockroach eggs.
The verification procedure is simple: just look at the power light. If it flashes, the Plug In Pest Free socket is working properly. Be careful, in all cases, the power indicator is on from the moment the plug is connected to the mains.
At first glance, you will notice more pest activity, day and night. This is caused by the device disorienting them. In general, their number decreases in the days or weeks that follow (up to approximately 4 weeks, it all depends on the importance of the plague after the installation of the pest control plug). Driven by electromagnetic waves, they quickly leave the building. It can take between 4 and 10 weeks for the repellent to clear the infested area. The duration obviously depends on the severity of the infestation. To this must be added the risk of laying cockroach eggs. In the case of cockroach eggs, hatching can take place over a period of 12 months. Please note, this exception only concerns those that were laid after the installation of the electromagnetic repelling sockets.
The repellent action of a Plug In Pest Free “Commercial” outlet can cover up to 800 square meters. It may cover a larger area, depending on the wiring in the building. A “Domestic” outlet protects approximately 180 square meters. The “PRO” socket repels pests over 400 square meters. Thus, a single outlet is usually sufficient to cover your entire premises. If you want to know more, we advise you to contact us as soon as possible!
Plug In Pest Free is designed to act only on rodents, cockroaches, cockroaches, rats and mice. Cats, dogs, birds and fish therefore have nothing to fear. The rodent-proof socket provides a safe and friendly home for the whole family and their animal companions.
No, Plug In Pest Free's electromagnetic field does not affect televisions, refrigerators, video recorders, computers or even freezers. It has no effect on the electrical flow, the CPL and WIFI of a house or premises. The Australian Energy Office has studied our rodent repellent. He agreed that it meets electrical safety standards. It also complies with AS 3100-1994 which studies and approves electrical devices meeting general requirements. However, for optimal use of the Plug In Pest Free repellent, it is not recommended to use the device on the same outlet as that occupied by a refrigerator or freezer.
Because we want to offer you the most effective product against rodents and cockroaches, we have allowed organizations around the world to test our repellent plugs. Thus, Plug In Pest Free has been tested by an Australian university. She looked into the scientific action that the grip on rats and mice can have. For two years, the device was also tested by a supermarket company for its repellent abilities on rats, mice and cockroaches. Finally, since 1995, professionals and individuals have been testing, approving and adopting the Pest Free repellent, from Australia to overseas countries.

Yes, our Pest Free outlets are designed to work with all kinds of electrical wiring.So you have nothing to worry about!



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